Scheduling Made New

Scheduling Made New

You are invited to have a whole new perspective on making the schedule for your employees.  The perfect schedule means that everyone is working with enthusiasm in the right place and at the right time. It sounds so simple.

The reality is that scheduling can feel like figuring out 500-piece puzzle every week.

Your anchor employees who are always available and well trained are like the edge pieces of the puzzle. But the middle of the puzzle can feel really complicated, because many of your team members’ lives outside of work are not as consistent.

You care very much for your team, so you spend hours manually cross-checking things about last week’s schedule that need to change for this week. You have to process all of the requests accurately, and your tools for putting it all together are a spreadsheet, post-it notes about updated availability, text messages, email requests, and the best of your memory.

You know that if your schedule for the week is well designed, then a lot of other things are able to go smoothly. So, before you copy and paste last week’s schedule again and wrestle with all of the needed adjustments, we encourage you to read on.

What if there was a scheduling tool that expressed the interpersonal care you have of your team while delivering operational excellence?

Shift Agent is an online service that allows you to publish the best employee schedule quickly. Save time and money every week as you manage your labor schedule and handle requests for days off, trades, and availability updates with ease.

What is your opinion of what it’s like to make the schedule for your employees again and again?

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