Reasons to Publish Your Schedule Farther in Advance


One of the major benefits of Shift Agent is that it allows you to schedule your employees farther in advance.  We believe that scheduling in advance is one powerful way that you can rise about the tyranny of the urgent as a manager.  Making a schedule at least two weeks in advance takes the pressure off of you and gives everyone a solid heads up so that they can make decisions.

Everyone will appreciate being able to know further in advance when they are free and when they are working.

If you think about it, with Shift Agent supporting your store it doesn’t take as long for you to build a schedule now.  What if you invested ½ hour to generate two weeks of schedule so that you could stay two weeks ahead of schedule? In the past, you had to worry about whether or not people would be available. But now, you can encourage employee responsibility to make sure they ask for days off in advance and maintain their availability. This enables you to count on the information in the system to help you put the schedule out further in advance.

Reasons you couldn’t schedule in advance:

  1. Employees are late in giving day off requests
  2. Takes too long to make ONE week’s schedule so i can’t make two
  3. Availability changes every week
  4. I’ll have to deal with lots of trades (too tedious)

The truth is, if the schedule is out there in advance and people need to trade shifts, Shift Agent streamlines that process for you. Even if what you publish needs to be adjusted by team members who request changes, it will only encourage them to begin putting their requests in ahead of time.

When you put the schedule out there for people to see, it allows your team members to better plan for their lives outside of work. Valuing their time outside of work is one of the hallmarks of caring well for your team.  Scheduling your team in two weeks in advance may not be a regular practice for you, but we believe that it should be.

What about you? Can you think of some of your team members who would appreciate advanced notice of the work schedule?

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