Help for Employee Scheduling

Helping to make an employee schedule

We believe in building a culture of hospitality through better scheduling.  This is our vision.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to raise the quality of the workclimate, so that you can build a great culture and save time and money.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is that your time is valuable, and we want to multiply your effectiveness by giving you the tools you need to schedule your store with excellence.  We provide help for employee scheduling in many ways. Shift Agent is designed to foster personal responsibility among your employees as we provide powerful flexibility.

The Opportunity:
Scheduling is at the intersection of operations and people.  The process can often feel like a traffic jam, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to.

The Design:

We have crafted a scheduling tool for you with much thought and care.

Our intent is to come alongside you to create great schedules that meet the scheduling requirements of the store and accommodate the needs of your employees.  We will provide you with real-time information as you select an employee for each shift, and we will recommend who to schedule.

When you begin using the Smart Scheduler, we provide the operational intelligence and we guide you with accuracy.  Take a look at what Shift Agent does for you as you build a schedule for your employees.

Your Fingerprint:

Shift Agent is designed to support your decisions.  We could have made an “auto-scheduler,” but we have chosen not to do so. A machine cannot fully replace the careful touch of a manager who knows their people.

You will think through the people-side of scheduling, while we provide operational intelligence at every turn.

Your Investment:

Your upfront time investment will more than make up for itself.  While using Shift Agent, keep in mind that the more accurate your employee information, the higher the quality and better the outcome of your schedule.

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