5 Ways to Care for Your Team


There are many ways that you can care for your team through scheduling. When you care for your team, they will often turn around and work harder for you and make your store more profitable.

5 Important Principles in Caring for Your Team

1. Giving affirmation

One of the most powerful things in the world is affirmation.  A simple recognition of a job well done can go a long way.  As a manager, it’s amazing how often we can forget to do the simple things that make a big difference in the workclimate.  Affirm team members who are team players that pick up shifts or accept trades.

2.  Become a relactional scheduler 

Always make decisions for your employees and for their schedules that are in the context of a good professional working relationship.  If you look after them, you increase the chances of their willingness to take care of the important operations needs of the store.

3.  Schedule two weeks in advance

When you put the schedule out farther in advance, everyone wins.  You can rise about the tyranny of the urgent as a manager, and everyone on your team can enjoy the ability to plan their lives accordingly.  Cheers!

4.  Respond quickly to requests

When people make requests, a lot of times they are hoping to make a decision immediately.  There is nothing worse then putting plans on hold when other people are counting on you.  Shift Agent gives you the context you need for each decision and we let you make decisions from your mobile device!

5.  Create positive teaching moments

Rather that letting thing pile up when you find yourself frustrated about a way that an employee interacts with their schedule, use the opportunity as a teaching moment.  For example, if you hear a team member complain about the number of hours they are getting, sit down with them and show them how their availability or their skill set is limiting them.  Often times it’s not really favoritism on the part of management, it’s just meeting the operational needs.  Teach your employees to help you!

What are some other ways you can build a culture in your store that makes people want to work for you?

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